Sports Specific Nutrition for Fitness, Athletes and Teams

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, competing on a team, or aiming for your personal best, what you eat and drink can affect how well you perform.

Nutrition is the guaranteed key to giving every athlete their edge over the competition and excelling at their sport.

As a professional athlete herself, Jaime Ward understands the unique needs, demands and lifestyle athletes and active individuals have.

Jaime works with active athletes of all levels and ages, from the weekend warriors to provincial, national, Olympic and professional team members in a wide range of sports.

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Nutrition Services

Some of the Sports Nutrition services Jaime offers are:

    • One-on-one nutrition consultations
    • Family nutrition
    • Nutrition for health / dietary complications
    • Group & team consultations / workshops
    • Sport nutrition for daily training and recovery
    • Sport nutrition for competition
    • Nutrition during travel
    • Sport supplements
    • Nutrition for body composition – weight loss and gain
    • Grocery shopping workshop
    • Meal prep
    • Media and related communications:
      • Creating written fact sheets or nutrition education materials.
      • Nutrition communications (experience with print, radio, television and online communication mediums).
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Vitamins & Supplemens

UsanaLogoOne of the best ways to make sure you’re getting all of your vitamin and mineral needs is through a good vitamin and supplement protocol.  It is also an exceptional way to enhance your training and recovery as well as promote good health and avoid illness.

However, in this day and age when doping and banned substance tests are done so frequently, it’s hard for an athlete to know how to get the proper supplements and vitamins for their perspective sport and personal needs.  Taking the “wrong” performance enhancing supplement could be detrimental to your career if it’s on the banned substance list.

Jaime specialize in supplementation for athlete, and she has been though the process of being tested for doping agents herself.  She knows which product are safe and which to steer clear of.  She will asses your supplementation and vitamin needs and create a protocol to suite you’re individual needs.

Personally, Jaime takes Usana supplements, which is approved by the anti-doping commission, however she can recommend a number of different brands. To buy USANA SUPPLEMENTS online click here!

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Our Difference

You don’t train the same way for ever sport, your body type or shape isn’t the same as others, and so you certainly shouldn’t eat the same!

We specializing in creating a nutritional plan that is specific to your body and your athletic needs.  We do this through a number of different body typing techniques, which include:

  • Genetic Typing
  • Blood Typing
  • Genotyping
  • Gland Typing
  • Somatotyping
  • Chronotyping
  • Meabolic Typing
  • Sports Type

By combining these results we will develop a nutritional plan that is catered to your individuality and your specific genetic makeup.

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About Jaime

Jaime is a certified sports nutritionist. For almost 10 years she has been teaching athletes effective and realistic ways to improve their health, optimize performance and successfully manage their weight through nutrition. She has worked with many elite athletes, showing them how to get an edge on the competition.

Growing up Jaime was always very active and participated in baseball, skating, and skiing.  As a teenager she competed in downhill skiing, mountain biking and swimming and in her early 20′s she challenged herself with marathon running and comped in triathlons. In 2003 she started to box and within 5 years earned a place on the Canadian National Team and is now currently a top Canadian Ranked professional boxer.

Jaime has always had a passion for nutrition and food and has spent her years as an athlete educating herself on nutrition and the best way to fuel for sport.  Her passion brought her into a career in sports nutrition, working with athletes and sports minded clients.

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Jaime Ward, CSNA
Phone: 604.506.1774

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